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TVEK Ljubija doo is an organization that specializes in the production of mining explosives. Production capacities: Plant for the production of anfo mining explosives MINEKS 1 and 2, capacity 2x 1,000 kg/hour Plant for the production of emulsion explosives, capacity 2x 500 kg/hour
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Short history

We have been operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 05.07.2002 and are registered under the name: Company in mixed ownership Tvornica explosivea "Tvek" Ljubija d.o.o., abbreviated: "Tvek" Ljubija d.o.o.

Misija i vizija

To secure and permanently maintain our place among the leading organizations in the economic branch in which we operate and become a synonym for a successful organization, which builds its success by ensuring user satisfaction.


The user's assessment of product quality is the only criterion, and the satisfaction of business partners is the most important goal.

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1. Company name: Društvo u mješovitoj svojini Tvornica eksploziva TVEK» d.o.o. Ljubija 2. Headquarters of the company: Ljubija, Prvog maja broj 1.
3. Foreign trade and mediation: Prijedor. Milana Tepića M-1
4. Date of registration: 05.07.2002 godine kod Osnovnog suda Banja Luka, rješenje  1-12611-0
5. JIB 4401522960003
6. PIB 401522960003
7. Identification number: 1958097
8. Director: Dolinić Duško, dipl. ing.rud.
9. President of assembly: Vujković Stanko , dipl.inž.maš.
10. Bank account: 5620070000440532 -Razvojna banka
11. Company activity:
- production of commerical explosives
- drilling and mining works
12. Employee count: 33 permanent employments External collaborators: 5 executors
13. Licensed by - Decision on fulfillment of conditions for work:
14. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of RS for the production and trade of explosives
15. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of FBIH for the trade of explosives
16. Ministry of Energy, Economy and Development of RS for drilling and blasting services
17. Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mining of FBIH for drilling and blasting services
18. MThe Ministry of Transport and Communications of RS for road transport of goods
19. Ministry of Foreign Trade of BiH for the import and export of weapons and the production of weapons and military equipment.
20. Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH for the production of mining explosives
21. Ministry of Communications and Communications of BiH for the transportation of goods and dangerous substances in international traffic
22. Ministry of Construction, Ecology and Environmental Protection of the RS - environmental permit for the production and storage of explosives
23. Ministry of Health and Social Protection of RS - for the circulation, storage and use of dangerous chemicals
24.ISO 9001:2015, International Certification Group doo Beograd.
25. CE mark Number EXP 1395-001/2013 according to directive According to Directive 93/15/EC (Construction Slovakia)
26. Drivers: IRU Academy (international transport of cargo and dangerous goods) Manager of the IRU Academy (international transport of cargo and dangerous goods)
27. Location of the production facility: Ljubija, Tomruci 28. Plant for the production of anfo mining explosives MINEKS 1 and 2, with a capacity of 2x 1,000 kg/hour
29. Plant for the production of emulsion explosives, capacity 2x 500 kg/hour

Private capital
Property of RŽR "Ljubija"
Contact Phone Numbers: 052/243-320 Fax: 052/ 243-321