Trg 1. maja 1, 79206 Ljubija, BiH
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20 years of quality and certificates sertifikati

International Certification Group doo Belgrade
ISO 9001:2015.
Mining explosive production
Specialized for production
of mining explosives
International transportation of cargo and dangerous goods.
We carry out the transportation of dangerous goods on a local and international level
Drilling and mining works
Blasting is started after drilling and calculation by qualified persons
Civil shooting range usage service
Training service for the handling of firearms in order to obtain approval for the purchase of weapons for personal security and hunting.
About Us

of business parntners is our only goal

The user's assessment of product quality is the only criterion, and the satisfaction of business partners is the most important goal.
  • Production of explosive substances
  • Production of emulsion explosives
  • Production of anfo mining explosives
  • Transportation of hazardous materials
  • Automated civilian shooting range
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TVEK - history of our

Short history

We have been operating in BiH since 07/05/2002 and are registered under the name: Company in mixed ownership Tvornica explosiva "Tvek" Ljubija d.o.o.

Mission and Vision

Our intention is to improve the experience of our users and business partners with quality and trust and on the basis of decades of experience.


Trust is an important pillar of our business because trust is a condition for quality cooperation, as a result of long-term practice of investing in business relationships.